MiChat FAQ

Last updated: June 2019


1. What is MiChat?
MiChat (pronounced as mai-chat) is a messaging platform for people to connect and keep in touch with family and friends. In 2018, MiChat app was one of the most downloaded free messaging apps in the region. MiChat is available for iOS and Android devices.
2. How MiChat works?
MiChat users sign up with a phone number instead of password. Once logged in, you can find and chat with people nearby and people with similar interest, or you can use your phone contacts to find family and friends already on the app.
Note: MiChat currently supports iOS 8.0 and up, Android 4.0.3 and up.
3. Is MiChat free?
Download the MiChat app for free in the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android), or visit https://www.michat.sg. However, you may need to pay your carrier for internet service.

Account & Profile

1. Create an account on MiChat
Welcome to MiChat. Follow the steps below to get started:
1. Download the MiChat app for iOS and Android, or visit https://www.michat.sg.
2. Sign up with your phone number.
3. Fill out your profile info and start chatting!
2. Change Profile Photo
To change your current profile picture, please follow the steps below:
Go to Me> Tap on Profile Photo> Select Photo. You can take a new photo or upload a picture from your album.
In the profile page, you can also edit your name, MiChat ID, gender, region, about, and hobbies.
3. Create a MiChat ID
To create your MiChat ID, please go to Me> Tap on Profile Photo> Profile>MiChat ID.
MiChat ID is your unique name on MiChat for friends to find you. MiChat ID can only be set once. Your profile name is the name you like other MiChat users to know you by, and it can be changed as you wish.
4. Log out account
To log out your account, please go to Me>Settings>Log out.
5. Lost/stolen phones
Your MiChat account is linked to your mobile phone number. If your phone becomes lost or stolen, please call your mobile provider as soon as possible to lock your SIM card.
When your SIM card is locked, it will not be possible to verify the account on that phone again, as you must be able to receive SMS to verify an account.
After locking your SIM card, you can use a new SIM card with the same number to activate MiChat on your new phone. This is the fastest way to deactivate your account on the lost phone. MiChat can only be activated with one phone number on one device at a time.
Should you encounter any problems, please email us at support@michat.sg
Note: We are not able to help you locate your phone.


1. Delete/recall message
To delete/recall a message, please tap and hold on the message to select the “delete” / “recall” option.
Deleting a message/file removes it from the current device. Recalling a message/file removes it from both your and your recipients' devices. All messages sent within two minutes can be recalled, the recipient will only see that you have recalled a message but not the message itself.
2. Message status
You can chat with more privacy as others would not be able to see if you have read their messages or your online status on MiChat. You can, however, see when they are typing a reply.
3. Add friends
You can search for your friends via their MiChat IDs, phone numbers, QR code, or you can link your mobile contacts to allow MiChat to find your friends who are using MiChat too.

Trouble with Login

1. I can’t login / trouble with SMS verification.
Please check that you have entered the correct mobile number, have an active mobile network and strong internet connection. Alternatively, switching between Wi-Fi and mobile data to gauge if the problem is related to your connection.
Also, please check the App Store or Google Play Store to make sure that you're using the latest version of MiChat.
If the issue persists, it might be due to service degradation. Please try again later.
If you’re not receiving the verification text, you may want to contact your mobile carrier to ensure that “Message Blocking” is disabled.

Trouble with Account & Profile

1. I can't update my profile details.
If you're having trouble uploading a photo from your phone, make sure you've allowed MiChat access to your phone's photo album. If you denied MiChat access to your photos, go to your phone’s settings, find MiChat, and enable photo access.
If the issue persists, please try again at a later time.

Trouble with Messages

1. My messages aren’t sending.
If you're experiencing delays or errors while sending messages, don't worry, it's likely a temporary issue and there are ways you can try to resolve it.
Please check that you have a strong internet connection and you’re using the latest version of MiChat. You can update MiChat to the latest version available on App Store and Google Play Store.
Already have the latest version? Try logging out and logging back in. Once you've logged back in, try resending the message(s).
Tap on the red exclamation mark next to the message and try resending the message.
If the issue persists, it might be due to service degradation. Please try again later.

Privacy and Safety

1. Report user and inappropriate content
To report someone and content, go to his/her profile > tap the menu icon (ellipses icon) > Report. The safety of our users is very important to us. Please report any suspicious users and behavior. Check out our Community Guidelines for additional information.
2. Block accounts
To report someone and content, go to his/her profile > tap the menu icon (ellipses icon) > Block. You will no longer receive messages from the blocked user.
3. Privacy control
MiChat offers you privacy controls. You can go to Me>Privacy and adjust your privacy controls at any time.